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Vietnamese Robusta

Single-serve drip coffee

Coffee Flavor Profile: Roasted almond, chocolate, strong body and sweet aftertaste

Net Weight: Coffee 98 g (7 bags x 14 g), Sugar 35 g (7 bags x 5 g), non-dairy creamer 21 g (7 bags x 3 g)

119.000₫ 139.000₫

Konnai Coffee brand paper filter coffee is a convenient coffee line suitable for office workers, students, customers who often go on business/travel... The famous Konnai Coffee brand paper filter coffee product with coffee lovers at home and abroad, with special delicious taste and quality standard production according to the model of coffee from the farm.

🌱 As a creative combination between Son La Arabica coffee and Highland Robusta coffee, Konnai paper filter coffee includes 2 flavors: CANNY & CONFIDENT
☕ CANNY pure paper filter coffee (yellow)
- Ingredients: 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta
- Roast level: Medium dark
- Taste: Chestnut, sweet caramel, rich
- Suitable for making Iced Latte, Cappuccino, Iced Lemon Americano, Salted Cream Coffee...

☕ CONFIDENT pure paper filter coffee (green)
- Ingredients: 100% Robusta
- Roast level: Dark
- Taste: Chocolate flavor, strong
- Suitable for making Black Coffee, Milk Coffee, Bac Xiu, Miel Coffee...

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
➖ Shelf life: 24 months from date of manufacture

- Design paper filter from non-woven fabric and Japanese filter paper
- Quick preparation time, up to 3 minutes.
- Compact design, easy to carry when going to work, school, travel...

️ GUARANTEED 3 Criteria:
- 100% pure coffee: no additives, flavoring; Do not mix cornstarch, bean powder...
- The production process is closed with the model of "From farm to cup of coffee", selecting the most perfect coffee berries to create high quality coffee.
- Using advanced HotAir roasting technology, imported from Europe.

♦️ BENEFITS, USES OF COFFEE: In addition to its ability to increase alertness and improve concentration during work, coffee can also help you:
- Supports weight loss
- Increase training efficiency

B1: Open the paper filter coffee package according to the indicated line
B2: Insert the coffee filter into the cup so that the two handles rest on the rim of the cup
B3: Pour 30ml of hot water (90-96 degrees Celsius) evenly over the coffee surface, close the bag, brew the coffee for 30-60 seconds.
B4: Pour 30ml more and wait for 30 paper. Add 30ml.
B5: Take out the filter and enjoy the coffee, you can add ice / sugar / milk according to your preference.

🌱 With the mission of bringing the value of pure Vietnamese coffee to the hands of consumers, the Detech Coffee team and Son La farmers create a line of premium Konnai Coffee filter coffee products, bringing a unique taste experience. Great for use at home, office or coffee shops.

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