Dubbed the Asian Unicorn, Sao La is one of the rarest animals in the world, living only in the remote mountainous areas of the Central Truong Son Vietnam and the Southern Laos Border (including Son La). Sao La was chosen to become the symbol for the logo of the Konnai brand because of special relationships:

1. In 1992, Sao La was first seen and discovered. At the same time, the Son La government decided to industrialize Arabica coffee beans to help farmers develop their economy and get out of poverty.

2. Sao La not only appears with a gorgeous and haughty image but also extremely rare. This animal has never been seen in the wild, but only occurs in protected areas and mainly found through camera traps.

Only a few selected areas in the Northwest, especially in Son La province, meet the required soil conditions to be able to grow high-quality coffee beans. The discovery that Son La is a promising land for coffee trees to grow is a new step for Konnai.

Thus, both Sao La and Arabica coffee trees which are grown in Son La are rare factors that have to undergo harsh screening, proving their unique and different value.

3. Sao La is said to be an agile animal with a keen sense of smell. Understanding that behavior, Konnai wishes to express the brand's message: quickly catch up with trends and adapt to market changes.

4. Sao La's favorite food is ripe cherries. Son La farmers are instructed to only collect coffee when the cherries are red or just ripe. This manual picking method ensures a ratio of red cherries up to 95% to make the best nut flavor.

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