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"Konnai Coffee brand roasted and ground coffee is a high-quality Vietnamese coffee line (filter/machine brewed) of Detech Coffee, with a special delicious flavor and quality that meets production standards according to the coffee model from farmers." As a creative combination of Northwest Arabica coffee and Central Highlands Robusta, Konnai Coffee roasted and ground coffee offers 3 flavors: Unique, Flexibe. Bold

☕ UNIQUE pure roasted coffee
- Ingredients: Arabica
- Roast level: Medium dark
- Grinding form: Filter coffee powder / Machine brewed coffee powder / Handheld machine brewed coffee powder / Whole bean coffee
- Weight: 250gr / 500gr
- Flavor: Herbs, hazelnuts, medium-bodied and smooth
- Suitable for mixing French Press, AeroPress, Cold Brew...

➖ Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
➖ Expiry date: 12 months from date of manufacture

The product can be prepared using many different processing methods: Traditional aluminum filter mixing, machine mixing, Pour Over mixing, French Press mixing...."
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